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Once again, ClerkNet has changed. The biggest change: Use "Reply All" to send your response to the entire list. Otherwise, your reply will simply go to the message author. Users will once again have the choice of receiving messages as they are submitted or receiving a daily digest message. Attachments to messages are limited to 5MB. As of 7/31/2015, vacation mode has returned.

ClerkNet can generate a lot of mail, so the IMFOA Board has created usage policies to help keep the conversations relevant and on-topic for the profession. Failure to pay IMFOA dues or violation of the usage policies can result in loss of access to ClerkNet.

Eligible Users: city clerk, finance officer, deputy city clerk. If the city clerk does not participate, they can contact the IMFOA Board to designate someone else to participate, subject to IMFOA Board approval.

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