IMFOA's Certification Program

The Iowa Municipal Finance Officers Association in conjunction with the Iowa State University Office of State and Local Government Programs and in partnership with the Iowa League of Cities is proud to sponsor the Iowa Municipal Officials Certification Program.


The state certification program will insure a continuous educational commitment to establish and maintain competent administration for city government in Iowa.


Courses will be offered on a regular basis as the educational component for state certification. These courses will include basic training for municipal officials and advanced training and certification for city clerks and finance officers.

State Certification

Each municipal official may seek certification in these professional areas :

  • Municipal Clerk
  • Municipal Finance Officer
  • Clerk Associate
  • Finance Associate

The educational programs are structured to provide three distinct groupings of courses:

  • A basic curriculum required for all certifications.
  • A flexible curriculum from which courses offered through any participating organizations may be selected.
    • Credit may also be granted for job related college courses. A college degree in specific disciplines may be used in lieu of some or all of those courses, and participants must be members of IMFOA for at least three years.
  • A specialized curriculum for each of the  certification options.

These courses may be offered through any participating organization. A total of 100 contact hours will be required for initial certification in one of the two professional areas. Those seeking both certifications will be required to complete the specialized curriculum for each additional certification.

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