ClerkNet Do’s and Don’ts

ClerkNet was implemented to provide professional assistance to our membership by encouraging dialogue and advice with colleagues in other communities.  As such, it needs to be used in a professional manner.  The following usage rules are provided by the IMFOA Executive Board, the sponsor of ClerkNet.



-share information on an issue in your community

-share documents of use to others

-ask questions when you need help with an issue

-always include your name, city, population, phone and fax numbers and email address

-share job openings

-share equipment for sale

-remember anything you say on the service could end up on the front page of the local newspaper



-thank someone over the service-do that personally

-share jokes or “save the whale” type messages

-share random rants

-share emails of a religious nature

-use backgrounds that obscure the text of the message

-forget your contact info to eliminate the “me too” messages



Thanks for your cooperation.  Violators of the ClerkNet policies will be suspended  and/or removed from the service.



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