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IMFOA memberships run from April 1 to April 1 of each year.  The four individual memberships levels offered by IMFOA are: Benefitted, Active, Retired, and Associate.  An IMFOA membership is required to maintain IMFOA Certifications.  Membership dues are not pro-rated for a partial year.  Beginning in 2022, an online dues renewal/application system was created, which allows for payments to be made by credit card, ACH, or check.  The IMFOA membership drive begins in February with a reminder postcard mailed to all members.  If dues are not received by April 1, current members will lose access to benefits such as ClerkNet (Benefitted level only), member event pricing for the IMFOA conferences, and IMFOA certification renewal.

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Notes on IMFOA Certification IDs: IMFOA's certification system relies on the information in the Iowa League of Cities database. Name and job changes can impact your certification tracking and course credits. Please contact the Iowa League of Cities at (515) 244-7282 if any of these issues apply to you.
  --If your ID is showing up as zero, please contact the Iowa League of Cities office to get one created. You can't track courses towards certification in the online system without an ID.
  --If you have more than one ID, please contact the League to address the issue. Your certification can only map to one ID, which should follow you if you change positions or names. You will likely be missing courses or not be able to certify or renew if you have multiple IDs.


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